Manage all your projects and team collaboration at one place

Project management solution with clear roles

Many different user roles can be defined as per project requirements with respective responsibilities and permissions. For example project administrator, project manager, team member, quality analyst, head of departments, etc.

Key User Roles

Application and data permissions can be grouped under a user role, then user roles can be assigned to new users. This helps in easily managing roles and responsibilities of users as per approved project structure. It is possible to assign different roles to same user for different projects in the system.

Project Manager

Project manager can manage all phases of project lifecycle such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and control, closing.

All project activities can be managed through system, such as planning, creation of work breakdown structure, assignment/follow up of tasks to users, sending/receiving emails, monitoring/reporting progress, controlling project risks etc.

Team Member

Team members can manage tasks assigned to them through various views in the system. They can also create sub tasks and assign them to their subordinates.

Team members can book their time on each task that can be used for generating time sheets for billing and tracking purposes. Synergy also has time and attendance module that can be used standalone or integrated with existing systems.

They can also raise issues through the system related to the project for resolution.

Project Administrator

Project administrators can create project templates that can be used to create new projects.

They can create new projects and assign project managers as well as team members.

They can define departments, user roles, users, job titles, line managers, permissions, approval hierarchies, workflows, task templates etc.

Other Roles

It is possible to define many roles such as project sponsor, quality analyst, financial controller, document controller, change approvals etc. as per project requirements.

User roles can be mapped with project/task templates in the system allowing them to execute only specific actions as per the user role permissions.

Synergy hasawesomecool and numerousfeatures to cater to each user requirements

Critical requirements to boost your project performance and team productivity

Project Dashboard

Project dashboard gives a high-level view to all projects going on at one time. It captures the most important information on the overall status of ongoing projects. This real-time insight on the progress of ongoing projects is critical to the effective management of teams and workflows.

Projects Dashboard layout presents key project metrics and information in easy-to-read, intuitive formats that allow managers to “see” every detail.



Project Templates

Project Templates take repeatable projects and save them for future use. For example you have a project such as organizing an employee event. Instead of copying and pasting the steps from last time you did the project, templates allow you to launch a fresh project from the saved steps in one click.

Lack of consistent processes and procedures results in confusing work requests, misaligned resources, and misinformed employees. Project templates allow your teams to organize, monitor and iterate workflows, processes, and deliverables.



Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts allow project managers and team members to visualize project progress using a bar chart that clearly illustrates everything from tasks lists and individually assigned responsibilities - all within the context of the overall project schedule.

Gantt Charts portray the duration of each task and project so managers can align every detail and set actionable deadlines.



See how Synergy project management workflow works

Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks.
Visualize your progress, so you can see exactly what needs to get done and when. Get quick status updates on tasks and milestones, see who’s working on what, and spot potential blockers before they become problems.


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