Machine Vision

Acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images.


Machine vision is the use of a camera or multiple cameras to inspect and analyze objects automatically, usually in an industrial or production environment.
It is a technology that enables automatic inspection and analysis for applications including automatic inspection, process control and robotic guidance by using image processing.
Machine Vision

Workplace Safety Management

Occupational Safety is the most important aspect for any construction site or field engineering work. Safety Monitor serves as a tool that reinforces workplace safety by monitoring that its workers are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) onsite.

In Industry, specially manufacturing industry, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like helmet (hard-hat), safety-harness, goggles etc play a very important role in ensuring the safety of workers.

This machine vision safety management project aims to utilize existing CCTV camera infrastructure to assist supervisors to monitor workers effectively by providing them with real time alerts.

Unauthorized Access Restrictions

Object recognition is a machine vision technique for identifying objects in images or videos. When humans look at a images or watch a video, we can readily spot people, objects, scenes, and visual details.

Technology utilizes face recognition and can automatically identify unauthorized persons.


Online Proctoring

Prevent online exam cheating using AI

Real time hybrid model that couples live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in cases of suspicious behaviors, cheating or aid a student. Testing integrity results are further analyzed with AI. Ideal for high stakes exams.