DMS Features

DMS built on latest technology to help you to optimize cost through a complete Digital Transformation Platform


Document View

You can view documents in many views

  • Tiles view
  • Grid view
  • List view
  • Preview
  • Calendar view

Version control

  • Create version : documents stored are automatically versioned, for more security and data loss preventing.

Secure sharing and Security

  • Document can be shared with other individuals or teams.
  • Document permissions – Full Access (Read, Write, Delete), Edit (Read, Write), View only
  • eDMS enterprise‐class architecture maintains the confidentiality of user and corporate data by encrypting data at motion and at rest.
  • Information is encrypted and stored in Database. technical team cannot view data without permission. Full audit trail of information accessed by users.

Smart Search

  • Enable you to find information quickly not only from within document management solution but also from other data sources even if you misspell words.
  • Comprehensive search capabilities with metadata to quickly locate the information.


  • Centralized workflow where user can create new workflow and assign users to it and define set of rules to operate, also manage existing workflow system.
  • Each user will have alert available on the dashboard. Also alerts available outside the eDMS through email.

Scan and OCR

  • Scan a document within eDMS directly from the client system and store result into the database.
  • Built in OCR engine for saving dynamic metadata of the of the scanned document into the database.

Some more important features

Security and privacy eDMS enterprise‐class architecture maintains the confidentiality of user and corporate data by encrypting data at motion and at rest.
Ease of deployment and maintenance eDMS architecture is design facilitates easy deployment, management, and can be maintained without requiring additional resources. Built in self installation and Configuration module towards easy deployment.
Long‐term viability So that organizations can be confident that their investments will support future requirements as well as current short‐term needs as well as provide long‐term stability and growth.
Alert Engine Send email alerts to the users and administrators.

eDMS can be easily integrated with ERP systems such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle or any other enterprise system.

Our solution supports upfront display (preview) of most of file formats that can be converted into pdf. We can also provide facility to modify autocad file in web browser at additional cost of web driver.
Physical Storage location of the Repository folder Now administrator can browse and select storage location anywhere within the network enabling storage in multiple servers.
Database and Repository backup & restore eDMS Admin can take full as well as selective backup of Database and Repository to another media. Our database can work in distributed clustering mode and also has capability to self replicate on multiple machines in real time thus preventing any data loss.

Interoperability with existing systems eDMS seamlessly integrate with existing systems to enhance and extend their capabilities without negatively impacting their performance.

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