AI enabled digital transformation platform to increase business agility, create digital twin, reduce overheads from people, process and technology perspective.
Synergy increases your chances of becoming successful in the digital era with an integrated, cost effective approach and advanced analytics.

Synergy Integrated Digital Transformation Platform

Due to the dynamic nature of business processes and policies, it is important to invest into an agile business process management tool that will support the organization to adapt to changing business processes.

Activities within business processes can be assigned to individuals automatically once the process is initiated without requiring anybody to follow up manually.

Using Business process management tool, it is possible to monitor SLAs (service level agreements) and generate automatic reminders to avoid delays and escalate to higher management, if required.

By comparing baseline versus actual time/effort for standard tasks, it is possible to measure productivity objectively.

Process Automation

  • Superfast Implementation
    Easily configurable workflow templates to automate any complex business processes that are agile. Changes in business processes are easily rolled out with new template versions.
  • Low Code Automation
    Processes can be managed by business users through configuration based approach without involvement of development team.

Document Management

  • One of the first activity done as part of digital transformation is to remove paperwork and manual effort. Hence, a very robust document management system is required in order to store files and share them with others in a secure way.
  • Synergy EDMS with workflow handles documents by electronically storing, organizing, indexing and filing. They can be retrieved as and when required at the click of a button.
  • We have created a state of the art document management system using open source technologies that we offer at very economical rates with not just document management but also many collaborative features.

Project Management

  • End to end solution
    Synergy brings in all aspects of project management, employee management, communication management, analytics together.
  • Integrated with Email
    Synergy's unique feature is to convert emails to tasks and show all related emails in work breakdown structure (project plan). Hence, task communication and follow up becomes cakewalk with internal & external project team members.

HR Solutions

  • Synergy HR solution provides complete suite of modules for HR Domain.
  • Streamline hiring, payroll, employee records, time & attendance, talent acquisition, success planning, performance reviews and many more all in one application.
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